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Pastor's Pondering - February 4, 2022

Dear friends -

JOY! One of my favorite songs the last few years is King and Country's, "joy." If you're part of a leadership team at church, you've for sure watched the video, because I've made everybody watch it on zoom at least once. VIDEO The idea is that we can choose joy. Too often, we think joy just spontaneously comes to people, but sometimes, we have to put some effort into it.

It is worth the effort.

Here are some ways we're spreading joy at River Glen right now. Do not miss the congregational meeting on Sunday - the visual presentation of our annual report is worth every second of the six minutes. joy. Last night the leadership team meeting of officers, staff, and team moderators adjusted our agenda to include recording greetings for our friends over at Congregation Beth Shalom, so they know they are in our thoughts and prayers with the recent antisemitic violence in Texas - as we held up all of our hands into hearts to our screens on zoom, one of us laughed in delight at sharing care in this way - I did not edit it out, because even in hardship there is joy. WATCH HERE The deacons decided if nobody is going to ask for help, they are going to deliver flowers and give out gift cards and share financial support with the congregation anyway. joy. (Though please don't wait around to ask for help - the deacons are at the ready!)

Where are you being called to grow some joy - in your own life and in the lives of others? Invest a little, get back a lot.

Grace, peace, and joy,


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