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Epiphany Stars

Take one and join us in a spiritual adventure for this year! Your Epiphany star is a way to help you grow in your faith.  Here's how:

With Scripture: On one side of your star is a word.  Use a concordance and look up all the ways and times your star word is used in the Bible.  Is there a particular verse or two that jumped off the pages for you?  This word may start out with one set of meanings to you and over time take on a newer, more expansive understanding; an understanding that enriches your knowledge of scripture and your relationship with God.  

With Relationships: Your star word may guide you in your relationships with others.  For example, if your word is "friend", friendship can go both ways..."to gain a friend, be a friend"..."What a friend we have in Jesus".  You will have fun discovering the meaning of your word.  

With Prayer: On the other side of your star is the name of a person or persons who are a part of the River Glen family. Pray for the people on your star.  What a great comfort to know that you are being prayed for and what a wonderful opportunity to pray for another!  We all stand in "the need of prayer".  Our stars provide one more way to experience God’s love, be a true family of faith, where care, and concern are extended.  

May this be a bright year of many insights and epiphanies!

May the light of Christ shine through God’s word and through us as we make Jesus known!