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Beautiful Ornaments

December 10

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Come experience River Glen’s Live Nativity!

You will begin your journey greeted by shepherds, a Centurian Guard and a Census taker. You’ll then be greeted by the Inn Keeper who will direct you to visit a representation of the Holy Family.


Your journey will finish in the Bethlehem Marketplace where you will experience different activities reminiscent of biblical times!

*This year, the event will take place mostly indoors in the sanctuary and fellowship hall

December 17


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During this season of waiting and anticipation, the cantata will bring us songs of hope, peace, love, and joy to a weary world. It promises to shine a light into our darkness and fill us with songs of wonder and celebration.  We hope that you will invite friends and family to this special musical event.


December 24

10:30am and 5:00pm

Join us on Christmas Eve for 2 different services celebrating the joy of Christ's Birth!

Sunday morning at 10:30am and again in the evening for a candlelight service!

Sundays in December

Joins us on Sundays in December in worship to explore the different ways that John the Baptist helped prepared the way for the Lord in our lives and in our world!

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